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Understanding your dog starts here!

Check back regularly for short, evidence-based videos that will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

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Whether it’s a new puppy or an older dog with behavior you’d like to modify, our short dog training videos will help you show your dog a better way to behave.

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Ask Aly

Why does my dog sniff other dog’s butts, or eat grass? Watch as Aly helps answer these burning questions and more! Expand your knowledge of dog behaviors and best practices.

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Make your furry friend famous!

Want to make your furry friend famous? Upload a photo of your dog to Why Does My Dog’s photo generator! You can choose to save the image to your device, or share it with friends on social media. Your dog may even be featured in Why Does My Dog’s Hall of Fame! Be sure to use #DogsOfWDMD when sharing your photo on social media!

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Our Philosophy

We love dogs and want to make their lives better. We aim to help you understand and communicate with our canine companions through our series of informative dog training videos. If you take these lessons to heart, we suspect that you and your dog will form a stronger bond than ever before.

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