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Dog And Puppy Potty Training: Accidents Happen

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What to do when a dog is peeing in front of you?

Watch for signs that show your puppy starting to potty. He will be circling and sniffing around. Simply say “Ah ah” and have him go outside.

If he is starting to pee, say “Ah Ah” to interrupt him. Pick him up and take him outside. There will be a trail of poop or pee and it will get on you, but this is the best way to teach them that it’s not okay to potty inside.  Praise when he finishes outside.

Remember, if you did not see the accident happen, you CANNOT do anything about it except clean it up.

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How do I respond when my dog begins to have an accident in the house?

If you see your puppy or dog starting to pee or poo right in front of you simply interrupt him with an “Ah ah”,  “Oh No” or “Not here”. If your dog or puppy has not started yet, just walk them outside. If they are mid-stream, pick your puppy or dog up and put them outside. Do not get upset or angry at your dog or puppy.

Remember that dogs live in the here and now, so if an old accident is discovered the only thing you can do is clean it up. Punishing your dog will just confuse him since he has already forgotten about relieving himself in the house. You may need to go back to crate training if you are unable to supervise and keep accidents from happening.