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Teach Dog And Puppy To Like Being Held

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How can I get my puppy to enjoy being held?

Cuddling with our canine friends can be wonderful, but some dogs appear to dislike being held and cuddled. There are some steps you can take to assimilate your dog to cuddles and being held.

  1. Never set your puppy down if they are acting up when you hold them.
  2. Continue to hold on to them until they can remain calm for about 3 seconds. Then you can set them down.
  3. If they break the 3 seconds or act up as you set them down, start all over. There is no need to give commands, just hold them until they are calm.
  4. Slowly increase the amount of time you are holding them.
  5. Remember to give praise and reward for wanted behavior

Why should my dog or puppy like being held?

At some point in your dog’s life, he or she will need to get medication, get an exam or be groomed. It is unavoidable (well mostly!). You do not want your dog to freak out and bite the person trying to handle them. That will be very bad for everyone involved. You can also not prevent every single child to heed your warning about not lifting your dog up. Odds are some kid is going to try to and will be bit. Unfortunately for you and your dog, your dog will be in trouble. So, instead of trying to teach every single person and child to be good with your dog, teach your dog to be great being handled by people.