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How Can Shelters Encourage People To Adopt Dogs (and Cats)

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John Griffin is the director of shelter services at the Women’s Humane Society in Bensalem, PA. They are committed to the humane and compassionate treatment of animals and are distinguished as America’s First Animal Shelter.

How can shelters encourage adoptions:

People are more likely to adopt an animal that they can picture in their home, right? So how can I make a person picture this animal in their home?

Well to me it is not doing things that are shelter specific right, but if I can show them hey, here we can teach this dog how to sit, we can teach this dog how to go down, we can teach them to stay. Here’s this dog playing with other dogs, here’s this dog in a harness that you might use that at home.

If I can put some devices on that dog that make it look better in their home, then I can show people that they learn and play and act just like other dogs, to me those are better vehicles for getting the word about adopting because I am showing that these are just your normal dogs that have had a bad stroke of luck.

Rather than saying, you know like putting on an emotional blackmail on people. Talking to them about the dog and not about their breed is really probably one of the biggest ways, being kind if we’re going to be kind to animals which should be kind to people.

How to promote animal adoption

Here is an amazing list of ways you can help adopt animals. To read the full article please visit Animal Shelter Dogs: Promoting Them for Adoption

  1. Make sure the dogs look snazzy.
  2. Create doggie calling cards and flyers to promote individual dog (or cat).
  3. Use appealing photos and videos.
  4. Write compelling adoption bios.
  5. Get the dogs out into the community. – The more a homeless dog is seen, the better his chances are of getting adopted.