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Who Should Be The Dog’s Primary Caregiver

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Who is going to be responsible for the new dog? 

Decide who will be the primary caregiver for the dog. Someone needs to be in charge to make sure that he is fed and walked, or to notice any changes in his health. As kids grow, their interest in the dog will change.

Who will take care of your new pet?

Since dogs are unable to take care of themselves it is important for pet owners to make sure their pet’s needs are being met, such as exercise, feeding, bathing and vet care. In our busy everyday lives, our dogs can sometimes be forgotten. Walks are skipped, meals missed or illnesses go unnoticed. One person in the house needs to be responsible for the dog or puppy.

Can children be primary dog caregivers?

Children can benefit so much from owning a dog, but they cannot always be responsible for one. Plus, their interests change so quickly! You also have to consider that your child might go to a college or move out into a place that does not allow dogs, sports and extra curricular activities can also eat up a lot of time that is needed to take care of a dog. 

Age plays a big factor in how much responsibility a child can have in taking care of a dog. Young children may not be able to exercise their new friend properly, but are able to feed, water and help bathe them. An adult must be ready to be take on the responsibility to make sure the dog or puppy is being properly cared for.