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Dog Smarts

Why Does My Dog values your dog’s mental health. Watch our Dog Smarts videos to gain a greater understanding of life from a dog’s point of view.

Breed-Specific Legislation

Breed specific legislation, or BSL, is a law that bans or restricts certain breeds of dogs from being owned in a particular area. Learn more about the legislation that could be affecting your ownership rights.

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Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are a loving dog breed that are too often subject to breed-specific legislation. Hear from our Pit Bull experts to learn why they are not a scary breed.

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Dog Interactions

Dog interactions can be easily misunderstood. Learn how dogs interact with each other to foster camaraderie, ward of enemies or communicate basic tasks.

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Responsible Ownership

Becoming a dog owner is a serious responsibility. To be a responsible dog owner, you need to understand your dog better. Treat your dog with the same respect as you do your entire family.

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Kids And Dogs

It is important to help your dog understand and be comfortable around children. It is also important for your kids to learn how to be around dogs so we can prevent and stop dog bites.

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Dominance Theory

There are many misconceptions in dog training. One of them is that we need to be dominant over our dogs. That we need to be the alpha or the pack leader. These videos show that animal behaviorists no longer use dominance theory in training dogs.

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