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New Dog

Interested in getting a new furry friend? Why Does My Dog has some do's and don'ts. Learn how to navigate dog adoptions and your first weeks with your new dog.


Learn about the importance of adoption and how to be a better advocate for shelters and rescues. Everything you need to know about dogs in a shelter setting.

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Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are usually the last picked dogs from the shelters yet they can make the best companions!  Learn what you can do to help your older companions get the most out of life.

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Shelter Support

Today's dog shelters need your help! Let us help you learn how shelter support can make a difference in your community. Learn what shelter volunteers do on a daily basis to help dogs find their forever homes.

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Pick a Dog

How do you pick a dog? Choosing a new dog to add to your family is a difficult decision and one that requires a lot of thought. Do you choose to find a breeder or research local shelters? Why Does My Dog will give you some guidance.

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First Week

What to expect the first week of your new dog being in your house. The first week will set a president for the rest of their life.

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