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Product Recommendations

Why Does My Dog only endorses the products we trust most to enrich our dog’s lives and the lives of their owners. Watch our video reviews to learn about the best toys, treats, and more. All of our product recommendations have been tested and approved by the dogs of WDMD.

Wellness Products

Want to find the most enriching products for your dog's well-being? Look no further! We found the best dog wellness products that will make your dog healthier and happier.

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Catch up on your reading with a collection of essential books for dog owners. Some are educational, some are fun and some will bring a tear to your eye. All are perfect to cuddle with your dog while you read.

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Dog Toys

Dog toys are essential to stimulate our dogs mentally and physically. Dogs love to play and will tug and rip into anything. To curb that unwanted behavior, here are some of our choice dog toys to help get the crazies out.

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Treats and Food

Your dog can't have enough dog treats and yummy food! We have researched and tested to present you with the best of the best for you pup. Enjoy!

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Dog Essentials

We all know that there are a lot of dog essentials that our dogs need. Whether it is dog beds, leashes or dog bowls, you can expect to find the best product recommendations here.

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