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Everything you want to know about your dog's wellness and wellbeing. Why Does My Dog’s wellness videos help you maintain or improve your dog’s quality of life. In the event of an emergency, please contact your veterinarian.

Common Illnesses

Learn how to protect your dog from common illnesses, and the steps you need to take when your dog does suffer from these diseases. Our veterinary experts can help you manage and treat your dog's illnesses.

Spay and Neuter

Learn what it means for your dog to be spayed and neutered and the impact it will have on its daily life.

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Veterinary Care

WDMD is not a vet, however here are some things you should know about veterinary care. How to chose a veterinarian, how often should your dog see the veterinarian and what are some age-specific care for your dog?

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Dog Nutrition and Food

Help your dog grow healthy and strong with our dog nutrition and food tips. Be in the know about the different types of food, how to maintain a healthy diet, a healthy weight and what to avoid when feeding your dog.

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Health is important to you and your pet. We may not be a vet, but here are our suggestions and how to's to keeping your dog healthy.

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First Aid

Learn how to handle any emergency situation by these quick first aid videos. Everything from stopping bleeding to performing doggy CPR. WDMD is not a vet: Please consult a vet after an emergency.

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Everything to help you keep your dog looking good (and smelling good!). Our grooming videos will take you through nail trims all the way to bath time!

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