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How To Choose A Dog To Adopt

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Melody Stone is the Adoption Program Manager at the Seattle Humane Society. Please visit their amazing adoptable dogs and cats here in Seattle, WA. 

How To Choose A Dog To Adopt?

So typically when people come in we have them fill this little Pre-adoption Questionnaire and it has some general questions on it that maybe to the layman would just seem kind of silly, but actually it’s a really good insight into how much time it takes to take care of a pet, does my lifestyle right now, does it fit for a pet? We have all these different ranges of animals that have different needs in that way. One being the dogs maybe need to run six miles a day every day, if you’re not running six miles a day then probably a dog that’s doing that right now is not going to be the greatest match for you. Children, that question comes up a lot like if I have small kids what is that mean for the dog that I adopt. We do behavior assessments on our dogs here just to see if we can sort of you know to get an idea of what kind of handling this dog is going to be comfortable and I think those behavior assessments that our teams do, they do sort of…they really manage to find the right dog for the right kid and the right family.

Consider these when choosing a dog:

  • How old is your dog?
  • How energetic is your dog?
  • How large or how small is your new dog?
  • Where do you live and is it appropriate for your dog?
  • What type of coat that your dog will have? Remember grooming!!
  • Make sure you are allowed to have the said breed or said size in your apartment, house, and town!
  • Do you have kids? Do you want kids? How will you introduce your kids to the dog?
  • Do you have other pets in the house?