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How To Choose A Shelter To Support

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John Griffin is the director of shelter services at the Women’s Humane Society in Bensalem, PA. They are committed to the humane and compassionate treatment of animals and are distinguished as America’s First Animal Shelter.

How to chose a shelter to support?

You hear a lot about the divide between the words kill shelter and no-kill shelters. Yeah, it feels good to say I donate to this no-kill shelter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that organization is doing things that you agree with. So, it’s more important than the definition is to look at the facility.

Look at what they are doing, look at their animals and say “is this worth my advocacy” because that is our time and time is a resource. And are they are worth my dollars? To me, that is much more of a better judgment of how to donate your money or where to adopt from than just that definition.

You should go into your own investigation about what they do for their animals how did they care for them and what did they try me before euthanizing an animal and what kind of animals are they putting out there in terms of the world.

5 reasons to support local shelter:

1. You know the money is going to help the animals!

Supporting a huge national organization might seem like a wonderful thing to do, and usually, it is. However, many large organizations misuse the funds and only give a small percentage of the donations back to saving animals. There are many instances in the news where the head of the organization has done something bad or has misused the funds for their personal gains. We won’t mention names, but one particular organization has an annual budget of $100 million but according to their taxes, only 0.8% of that budget consisted of grants to shelters.

2. Shelters help us learn and grow!

Your local shelters and rescue groups have educational programs in place to better educate the community about animal welfare.

3. Local shelters can better help you find your new best friend! 

Local shelters are more familiar with the people and the community that these animals are going into. So, they are able to make better connections.

4. Shelters keep the communities healthy! 

Your local shelter is not just a place to keep unwanted pets, it also enforces animal welfare laws that keep unwanted animal populations down and help keep the city from diseases like  rabies.

5. You are supporting your community!

Ultimately, you are playing a huge part in your community. The money goes to a local shelter or rescue and you can see your money or donations at work at a local level.