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Why Does My Dog Circle Before Going To The Bathroom

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Why does my dog circle before going pee or poo?

Scientists have found that dogs are very sensitive to earth’s magnetism. They prefer to align their body with the North/South axis while relieving themselves. So, next time you are out with your dog, pull out a compass and it if this applies to him.

Why does my dog circle before going to the bathroom?

This may seem like a pointless exercise to you and may at times be annoying when you are in a hurry, but circling before using the bathroom actually, has a scientific explanation.  A study was conducted with 37 dog owners from Germany and the Czech Republic volunteered their 70 dogs and 7 puppies. The scientists observed and documented 7,475 discreet pooping and peeing events. The study concluded that dogs prefer to align their bodies in the North-South axis when magnetic field conditions are calm!

Read the full article here.

Other reasons could include:

  • Stomping down grass and weeds to have a nice spot to poop on.
  • Trying to spot any potential predators while pooping.
  • Your dog or puppy could be sniffing if anyone else has “marked” this spot.
  • Walking around can help the “waste” move down the gut.

All in all, this is a normal behavior for dogs and does not need to be corrected. If your dog requires a little extra time to circle and find just the right spot, allow for the extra time needed. Avoid punishing or stressful interactions that can make this experience unpleasant and may have negative effects on your dog’s ability to eliminate. I once knew a dog who refused to potty while on leash due to negative experiences and would hold her bladder for the entirety of the walk. If she was unable to physically do so she would cower and look upset.