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Do “Bully” Breeds Show Dominance

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Dr. James C. Ha, Ph.D., CAAB is a professor of applied animal behavior at the University of WA and a certifiedĀ applied animal behavior with over 30 years of experience in animal behavior teaching, research, consulting, and expert witness services.

Are “bully” breeds more dominant?

Understanding needs to exert dominance, and social structure over limited resources is only found in a few breeds. Many breeds of dogs that behavior has been bred out completely. Dominance tends to be not very important in any of the terriers which is where the pit bulls and a lot of the bully breeds are. Another group another clearly genetically defined are the mastiffs, and again it is very rare virtually unknown to have dominance behavior issues in those groups. Pretty much reserved to these ancient breeds and a couple of other breeds.

Do pit bulls show dominant behavior?

Like most breeds, the dominant behavior has been bred out of pit bulls and other bully breeds. While pit bulls get a bad rap, they are no more dangerous than other dogs. Read here about how attack statistics for pit bulls are affected due to their sheer number in the united states. Like most dogs, pit bull’s aggressive behavior does not stem from dominance but from fear or anxiety. So helping your dog deal with those issues should help eliminate the unwanted aggressive behavior.