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What Should You Do If Dog Adoption Is Not Working Out

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Melody Stone is the Adoption Program Manager at the Seattle Humane Society. Please visit their amazing adoptable dogs and cats here in Seattle, WA. 

What Should You Do If Dog Adoption Is Not Working Out?

So, when situations arise where there are behavioral problems or something that you need help with, the best scenario is to reach out to the shelter where you adopted the pet from, they will definitely have resources for you to take advantage of. I think people sort of have this guilt attached to it that they feel like “oh my gosh, I have failed in some way if I bring a dog back.” We have the complete opposite idea of that means. We have a lot of resources, and we want you to want to reach out to us first to see if we can solve those problems. Because that’s what we consider ourselves as, problem solvers. We have teams, departments, and individuals with really great expertise that can actually help you in so many different slews of problems that come up, behaviorally or potty training or anything. If all of those avenues aren’t working and it’s still not a good fit, we have options of surrender in our shelter. I mean we always feel like if it’s not a good fit for you, we want the dog back because we will find the right fit for the dog.

If your adoption is not working out, please please please reach out to the shelter to see if there are any resources available to help you and to make the adoption easier for you.

At no point should you feel like you have failed! Finding the right dog is a matchmaking process, and sometimes things just do not work out. It happens to everyone.