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The Basics Of Dog Agility

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Basics of dog agility:

1. Agility is a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind and exercise him.
2. Be patient with your dog!
3. Have a treat in your hand and simply lure your dog through the different equipment.
4. You might have to have a helper.
5. Check out our website for some homemade equipment.

Why should you do agility with your dog?

Some dogs need more physical and/or mental stimulation than just going for walks. They may get bored and relieve their energy with unwanted behaviors. There are so many fun activities you and your dog can participate in and agility is one of them!

Agility is so much fun! Any dog can do it if you just take your time.

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Agility does not have to be expensive!

You do not have to buy expensive agility equipment to practice agility.  All the equipment in the video was made by us with simple PVC pipe and some paint spray. Visit here or here for some plans on how to build the equipment.

However, you can use common household objects to do agility. Weave your dog around furniture in your house. Line up some chairs and weave your dog through. Pile up their dog beds to have them jump over it. Have someone else hold a broom stick to jump over. Have your dog jump through a hula hoop. Use boxes as equipment. Some dog parks also have agility courses that you can use if no classes are in session.