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Dog and Puppy First Aid: Trauma

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WDMD is not a licensed veterinarian.
This is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care.
Always seek help from your vet after an emergency.

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1. High heart rate and respiratory rate
2. Dog is dazed and may not respond
1. Stay calm and call your vet and take your dog to them right away.
2. Treat for shock.
3. Keep your dog calm.
4. Control any bleeding by applying pressure.
5. Keep your pet warm.

Traumatic injury refers to a physical injury that was onset suddenly and severely. It requires medical attention. Trauma may cause your dog to go into shock.
Traumatic injuries are the result of a wide variety of blunt, penetrating and burn mechanisms. They include vehicle collisions, exercise s injuries, falls, natural disasters and a multitude of other physical injuries which can occur at home or on the street and require immediate care.