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Why Does My Dog Attack Me While I Exercise?

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Why does my dog attack me when I am exercising?

The simple answer is your dog is excited, and he thinks you are playing with him. Most of the time you are at the dog’s level (perhaps doing some crunches), and this is an opportune time for your dog to play attack you. You are moving funny and fast, which the dog thinks are play. If it is bothering you, ask your dog to go lay down or give them something else to do like a toy.

How to get your dog to stop “attacking” you when you don’t want to play?

You may notice that when you engage in certain activities, especially those that bring you down to your dog’s height level, your dog attempts to engage you in play. If it is bothering you, try to redirect the dogs play behavior into an appropriate alternative. You can ask them to go lay down somewhere with a toy. Or perhaps feed them using an interactive toy. This way your dog has something else to do, or a job, while you are doing your thing.

You could try to include your dog in your exercise. Take them on the run or hike or walk with you. Use him as your “weights” – if he is not too heavy! Teach him how to do push-ups! Take them running with you so that both of you get some exercise.