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Kid’s Dog Book Review: Priceless Penny

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Children’s book review:

Priceless Penny is a great children’s story about a disabled rescue dog. When looking for pets, we tend to overlook dogs who are different. This story is about a real dog who was rescued from a shelter and given a second chance. It shows that her unique paw did not stop her from doing normal dog activities. This book can help kids and adults see that all dogs can make perfect pets no matter what they look like or their disabilities.

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Priceless Penny Book Review 

Priceless Penny book is a sweet book that tugs at your heart. It shows that every dog can make an excellent pet if just given an opportunity to shine fully. What makes this story even greater, is that it is based on a true story and a true dog. Penny was found as a stray in California. Sadly, she was taken to a high kill shelter. No one wanted her because of her “flaws.” Penny has a severe overbite and a deformed front paw. However, she doesn’t let anything stop her from loving others and living her best life. Laura, Penny’s new mom, was so inspired by this adorable dog’s spirit, that she had to share her adoption story.

Priceless Penny is a great read for adults and children alike. The illustrations are fantastic and help “live” Penny’s story.

It will inspire people to give a specially-abled dog a chance to be loved and cared for.