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Why Does My Dog Eat Weird Things

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Why does my dog eat weird things?

Some dogs have a higher drive to eat everything and anything, hence counter surfing and garbage diving. There are some conditions like Pica a medical issue referring to a dog’s craving of a non-food item and the subsequent eating of said item. Talk to your vet if concerns arise. In the meantime, supervise your dog with his toys or buy indestructible toys to be left alone with. Control your dog’s access to inappropriate items like toilet paper, garbage, and human food. Supervise your dog with toys, sticks and in Truffle’s case pine cones. They can chew and shred them, just not swallow them.

How to stop your dog from eating nonfood items?

There are some reason’s why your dog is eating things that may not be safe or not food. This could be curiosity, increase in appetite or a sign of emotional problems such as boredom and anxiety. It could also be some health problems such as pica or thyroid issues.

Always talk to your vet if you have any concerns about health or nutrition. This should be your first stop. If nothing is wrong with your dog’s health, talk to a trainer about redirecting these behaviors and helping stimulate your dog mentally to fight boredom.