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Why Does My Dog Eat Poop

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Why does my dog eat poop?

Odds are, your dog just really likes the taste of it. Some eat poop to help with some nutritional replacement. It might not seem like it, but dogs like their environment clean, so they might be “cleaning” up after themselves. In the wild, dogs will eat poop to clean their homes and to get rid of the smell that might attract other animals. Pick up after your dog when you are able to prevent them eating it. I have heard adding pineapple juice to the food makes the poop taste bad.

Always call your vet with nutritional questions and concerns.

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Poop eating is very common behavior in domesticated dogs, it is referred to as coprophagy which means eating of feces or dung. In fact, many animals partake in this what seems to be quite gross behavior. Coprophagy, or poop eating, can be caused by behavior or medical issues.

What are some medical causes for eating poop?

If your dog starts to eat his own feces or another dogs’ stool, you should take him to the vet to rule out any potential health problems like:

What are some behavioral reasons why dogs eat poop?

Some dogs just really like the taste of stool. They might have started off simply investigating the poop, sniffing it, playing with it when they were unsupervised or bored and eventually just eating it. Because poop eating gets the owner’s attention, poop eating could have become a self-reinforcing behavior. So, they eat poop to get the owner to notice them.

Benjamin L. Hart, DVM, Ph.D , concluded that most dogs eat poop due to innate predisposition to protect fellow pack members from potential parasites that will form on the stool. What this means, is that dogs like a clean environment. Poop eating could simply signify your dog cleaning up after themselves.

Many environmental stresses like anxiety, stress, boredom, isolation, attention-seeking or confinement can cause your dog to eat poop. Contact a behavior specialist to consult on any behavior issues.

How to stop a dog from eating poop?

Work with your veterinarian to find supplements or dietary changes. Work with a professional behaviorist to understand underlying behavioral issues.

At home, clean up after your dog right away! If you pick it up, they can’t eat it. Supervise your dog when outside to keep them from eating poop. Avoid dog parks where they would have access to another dog’s stool. Work on commands like “leave it” and “come” to get your dog away from the stool.