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Why Does My Dog Inhale His Food

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Why does my dog inhale his food?

There is an instinct in some dogs to eat as much as possible as quickly as possible. It is common in dogs with insecurities like I better gulp all of this before someone gets it from me. This can cause a lot of issues such as gassiness to a life-threatening condition, bloat. Try using an interactive toy like this Kong Wobbler. You can spread the food on a cookie sheet, throw it on the floor or outside in the grass.

How to stop a dog from inhaling his food?

It is dangerous for your dog to eat his food too fast. Choking can happen, bloating, upchucking and overeating are other problems that can coexist with eating too fast. It is important to stop this behavior for your dog’s safety and health.

Going to the local pet store can help solve your problems. Not only can you get special bowls and toys that are meant to slow down eating, but there is special food that is shaped to encourage slower eating. If you are unable to stop this behavior talk to your veterinarian or specialist to see what other options are for you.