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Dog Is Acting Too Wild To Train

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How to redirect your dog’s energy back to you?

When your dog just gets a wild burst of energy while you are trying to do some training, or perhaps while you have guests over, it can be hard not to get frustrated at him or her.

The best thing to do is to calmly get hold of the dog and have a short time out with her. Just hold on to her collar and have her stay calm for whatever period of time you need to. It might be hard at first, as your dog might wiggle and whine, but just stay calm and avoid talking to your dog. You can try whispering softly if you think that will help. The best thing to do is to just ignore her. After your dog seems to calm down, do couple of commands with her, this way she will get her focus back on you.

Here, Luna had to be calm for 2 minutes and then we did some commands to get her to focus back on me. We can the reintegrate back to the excitable situation and try again.