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Why Does My Dog Lick Or Chew His Feet

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Why does my dog lick his paws or chew on his feet?

Paw licking or chewing can be a couple of different things. Dogs lick their paws if there is a discomfort of some sort. Something stuck in the paw, flees, irritation or allergies. Inspect the paw and perhaps visit a vet. A second reason is out of boredom and/or stress relief. Licking is self-soothing so a bored or an anxious dog will chew on his paws to make himself feel better.

What are the medical reason’s for paw chewing?

The first thing that you want to do is inspect your dog’s paws, making sure you look between the toes. Make sure nothing is lodged, like spikes or foxtails. If you can’t physically see anything wrong with your dog’s feet, talk to your veterinarian about allergies. You don’t want to let allergies go as they can be very stressful and painful to your dog.

After eliminating allergies or anything stuck in the paw, try to work on stimulating your dog more. There are a lot of easy ways you can do this from changing up your dog walks to using an active dog toy during feeding.