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Why Does My Dog Lick Dog’s Face Or Mouth

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Why do dogs lick each other’s faces?

In the wild a young pup will lick an older dog’s face out of respect and/or to get her to regurgitate food. Some dogs like Truffle, think it is a way to get the other dog to chase you and play with you. Watch the dog who is being licked to make sure they are not getting annoyed by the licker.

Why does my dog lick another dog’s face?

When dogs are first meeting, a more timid/shy dog will lower his head, avoid eye contact and extend his tongue to lick the dog’s muzzle. This is kind of like saying “I come in peace and will be a nice friend.” This is kind of like doggy social kissing.

Dogs who are already friends will participate in grooming each other. They will also lick each other as a sign of affection and friendship. There is no evidence that the “submissive” dog is the one doing all the licking because dogs switch off who does the kissing. This just shows that they like and trust each other.

Some dogs lick the other dog when the other dog is hurt or there is something wrong with them. Please look over your dog and take him to the vet to have a check up, just in case.

Puppies lick their mother’s mouth in hopes of having her regurgitate some semi-digested food for them. Always consult a vetarianiar about puppies needs.

Should I stop my dog from licking the face and mouth of others?

This is a natural behavior and does not need to stop unless the dog being licked is finding this behavior abrasive. When you feel that the other dog has had enough simply redirect your dog to a new activity. This is not something that needs to be trained out.