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Dog Not Listening: Is The Command Generalized

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Dog is not listening during training: Is the command generalized?

Dogs do not generalize. Generalization can become easier for a dog over time. To help them along you need to practice commands with different stimuli. You should change the location of your training, your voice, and the time of day. You should do training when you are on a walk when the dog is off leash and during play. The more situations you put your dog through, the higher his recall will be with commands. By expanding their store of experience, you can increase their responses elsewhere.

How can I get my dog to follow commands in all situations?

You may have noticed that your dog behaves well in one environment, such as when on the leash, but reverts to his untrained days when at the dog park. This may be a simple generalization or lack of a problem. Your dog is not aware that he or she is expected to follow commands in all situations. The key to solving this problem is to practice commands in all environments possible.

Generalization practice is easy. About every 10-20 steps is a new world to your dog, there are new smells and new things to look at. Stop every 10-20 steps and ask your puppy or dog to come to you as you walk backward (or run backward). Reward your dog for coming to you by walking forward. Another 10-20 steps, play a game of commands with him, see how quickly he can respond to “Sit, Down, Sit, Down, Sit, Down…” then keep walking. Another 10-20 steps stop again, get your dog or puppy in a stay and back away slowly from them. Release them to go sniff. This will tire the dog or puppy out.