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Dog Is Not Listening: Is He Distracted

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Dog is not listening during training: is he distracted?

Always start training in a low distraction area. The more that is going on around your dog, the less likely he is to focus on you. You have to keep in mind their recall level. As your dog advances through training, his success rate for respond will increase. If you have not worked with him on responding when he is at the dog park, he might have a hard time listening. You might want to go over commands with him before letting him run off to play at the park.

Why is my dog not listening to my commands?

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to call your dog at a dog park and him completely ignoring you. Or having your dog jumping all over your guests while trying to get him to sit down and be nice. Until your dog is proficient in his recall and commands, you have to put realistic expectations on him. A one-year-old dog is not going to be able to sit quietly while a group of wild dogs is running around him. If your dog can do this, he is very advanced. Your dog is not being disobedient; he is simply not able to sit still for so much fun.

How can you teach your dog to be less distracted?

Practice his recall, commands, and tricks while increasing distractions. You might also have to use a higher value reward to motivate your dog to listen to you. One important thing to remember is to set your dog up for success. If you know that you will be in an area with high distractions and you are worried you would not be able to call him to come to you, you have a couple of options. Avoid those situations or come prepared. If it takes you 20 minutes to get your dog to leave a dog park, plan that 20 minutes so that you are not in a hurry and getting upset.

Avoid negative distractions.

Some distractions are things like stress, fear, and anxiety. If your dog is unsure of himself or is afraid, he is going to have a hard time focusing on you. This is the worst time for the dog owner to get frustrated or upset as it could make the fear even worse. So if your dog is not paying attention to you, look around at the environment to see what is happening.