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Dog Not Listening: Does He Understand The Command

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Dog is not listening: Does he understand what you are asking?

Does your dog know the cue or does he have it mixed up with another? Here Smash rolls over every time I ask him to down. Go back to where the dog knew the cue perfectly and start there. You might have to reteach the command using a different cue. I retaught Smash “down” by using “lay” instead.

Why does not understand my commands?

If your dog or puppy does not do the command or what you asked him to do, make sure that he actually knows what you are asking of him. He may have performed well in the puppy kindergarten or obedience training but when you go to show off his new behavior at home, nothing! This can be frustrating but there are some steps to take to get your puppy to understand again.

Go back to where you think your dog knew the command. It could be all the way at the beginning with luring! Your dog could have learned the wrong cue, maybe you were holding something or making a hand movement you were not aware of. Your dog may have taken these unconscious hand movements as cues for a behavior. In this video, I was trying to get Smash to just lay down for me, but he rolled over each time. He had learned that the cue word “down” meant roll over.  We had to go way back to luring with him and even had to rename the command!