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Dog Calming Product Review: Calm My Pet

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Best pet calming product:

Calm My Pet is an excellent line of pet products that help your dog deal with stress and anxiety. Their products include calming music, pendants and my personal favorite, calming sprays. All the products were developed and manufactured by a holistic veterinarian. The spray is completely odorless and safe for any sensitive skin. The best way to use the product is before the possible stressful situation, during and right after. Mind you they are not meant to knock your dog out completely, but they can help calm your dog. I tried the Calm My Stress spray on my dog during a thunderstorm and saw a huge difference in their stress levels. The dogs were still a little stressed out, but they were able to settle down much quicker.

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Calm My Pet Product Review

I was a little skeptical when the lovely people from Calm My Pet first reached out to us. I decided to try the product out because of the initial call with the company and the holistic veterinarian who created the product. The Calm My Pet line was created out of Dr. Fisher wanting to help shelter animals be less anxious while at the shelter. They saw a vast improvement with the dogs at the rescues, and I thought I could try it with my dogs.

We had a pretty scary thunderstorm here, and my dog Pumpkin gets so scared. She tries to climb up me and just pants and shakes. Even after the storm has passed. This time around I was ready. I sprayed her with the Calm My Dog Calming spray and just rubbed it in on her. I kept spraying her during the thunderstorm as well to help her settle down. She was still scared during the thunder noise, but this time around after the noise went away, she went into her crate and fell asleep. Usually, she would still be crying and panting and wouldn’t leave my site.

We now use it anytime there are “scary” noises happening!

I also love the product because there is no smell to it. The dogs are very sensitive to smells and spraying them with something that has a strong scent to it, can make them more uncomfortable. It also does not irritate their skin.