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Dog Dish Review: GREEN Interactive Slow Dog Feeder

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Dog interactive feeder review: GREEN Dog Feeder

If you have a dog who inhales food you should really be using an interactive feeder. This GREEN interactive feeder is an excellent choice. It really helps slow your dog down when eating. Slowing down feeding can help prevent bloat and gassiness. This can also help mentally stimulate your dog as he is working for his food. One benefit of this feeder that a lot of other active toys do not offer is that it is designed to be used with wet food as well. It is also made from extremely safe plastics. It was tested for 161 toxic substances that are commonly found in plastic, and none were detected in the toy.

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GREEN Interactive Slow Dog Feeder Review

Bloat is a severe and very dangerous problem in dogs. One of the causes of bloat is when a dog inhales his food too quickly. Inhaling food too fast can also cause tummy problems and gassiness, which no one enjoys! The GREEN Interactive Slow Dog Feeder is a great choice to slow your dog down and to mentally stimulate your dog. It is made out of safe polymers and is pretty sturdy.

One of the great benefits of the feeder is that it can have wet food in it. A lot of toys can get messy if you are adding wet food or homemade food. It will stay in the feeder and not get all over your floor. This feeder is also great if you don’t want a toy that will roll around on your floor and spill food out.

All of our dogs were able to eat out of it. The big ones and the little ones! The GREEN Interactive Slow Dog Feeder has different sized bumps on it, so you would just put the food where your dog can reach it. It is up to your dog how difficult you can make it. By difficult I mean how far into the toy the food is.