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Dog Food Topper Review: HALO Mix ‘N Mores Food Topper

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Help a picky eater to eat more:

Mix ‘N Mores by HALO encourages even the pickiest eater to eat his food. It is made from whole proteins, no meat meals, no grains and no artificial ingredients. Because there are no filler ingredients, I can feed the Mix ‘N Mores even to my super sensitive, allergic to everything dog. Freeze drying is how HALO can preserve all the flavors and nutrients without adding harmful chemicals or preservatives. Because the freeze-drying process removes moisture, I strongly recommend you add water to the topper before feeding it to your dog. This also helps release even more flavor for your dog to enjoy.

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HALO Mix ‘N Mores Dog Food Topper Review

I think hands down the best part about HALO dog food company, is that for every bag you buy they donate one to a shelter. So while your dog is enjoying high quality and delicious dinner, you can be happy knowing that a dog in a shelter is doing the same. You can feel good about feeding your dog HALO Mix ‘N Mores because they are good for your dog and because you helped a shelter dog. What’s better than that?

Dogs can get bored with what they are eating, or they might not like what they are eating, so periodically it is nice to treat them to something yummy. If you are like me and just forget to make something homemade for your dog, then HALO Mix ‘N Mores can be used as a food topper and treat for your dog. It is made out of whole meat, no meat by-products, no chemicals, nothing that your dog does not need. My dogs inhale this when it is on their food, and I have caught King couple of times trying to steal the full bag!!

I would strongly recommend that you add water to the mixer. I put the mix over food and then run the bowl under some water. The freeze drying process takes all the moisture out of the food, and our dogs already do not get water in their kibble, so this is a very good time to add some to their diet.

The only thing you should be aware when you start feeding this to your dog is that your dog will get addicted and expect this all the time!