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Book Review: Dog Sense By John Bradshaw

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Review of Dog Sense by John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw provided amazing research that has happened in the last twenty years. This is very new in the animal behavior science. He is able to outline how dogs really are in this world and he is able to back it up by all of this science that is documenting through the book. It matched what I wanted the relationship to be with my dog.

This book has been such a huge thing in our lives. This book got me started to learn more about animal behavior and helped me better understand my own dogs. It really opened up a new world where dogs did not do things because they were constantly trying to dominate us but because we either made mistakes with them or we misunderstand them. The book is a much heavier read and is full of studies and scientific information, but I think that it is worth every single minute you spend reading it!

From “In Dog Sense, animal behavior and welfare expert John Bradshaw does just this, using groundbreaking research into human-animal interactions to show us the world from a dog’s perspective. Bradshaw debunks a range of popular dog advice, explaining that, far from being domesticated wolves driven by a need for dominance, dogs are unique creatures that have evolved to socialize—and live in harmony—with other species, most notably our own. Knowing this, we have a fundamental responsibility to our dogs: to respect and accommodate their anatomical and psychological nuances, to breed them with their own welfare in mind, and to treat them with more understanding than widely held—and counterproductive—dominance-based training theories allow.”