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Dog Skin Allergies And Other Skin Issues

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Patrick Miles, DVM is owner and veterinarian at Priceless Pet Clinic in Normandy Park WA. He has worked in emergency medicine since graduating veterinary school and spent seven years at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services.

If there are any concerns with your dog’s skin or allergies, please consult your veterinarian right away.

What causes dogs to itch and lick themselves?

In general, we do see allergies. Allergies are one of the more common complications, and we see three areas of allergies in pets.

What causes dog allergies?

We see flea allergy dermatitis which by far and away is the most common type of allergy that we see. Keeping your pet on year around broad-spectrum flea control preventatives is definitely recommended. The other two areas that we see with regards to allergies are going to be food allergies and seasonal allergies. The unfortunate thing is often if pets have an allergy to one of those three areas, they are going to have adverse reactions to within some of the other aspects. So, for instance, if a pet’s primary problem is a food allergy, they are still likely going to respond to fleas or even changes within the environment adversely.

What other complications can be caused by dog allergies?

Complicating factors with regards to allergies and the skin in general is very, very often we actually see in pets for secondary skin infections whether that is a bacterial infection or a yeast infection or the combination of those two things, and often those secondary infections though they are more straightforward to treat and manage, can be very complicated in long and drawn out in their management.