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Dog Training Methods: Extinction Training Example

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What is extinction dog training?

When your dog is jumping up the best thing to do is to remove your attention from the dog. If your dog is too rough during play time, once again stop the play time. If he is not receiving attention or reinforcement for those behaviors, your dog will stop doing them.

Extinction is the removal of a desired event or reward as a consequence of a behavior. This causes that behavior to decrease. If you do not want your dog to repeat a behavior, do now give it any reinforcement. Even talking to your dog can be seen as receiving attention and the dog will repeat the behavior.

  • When the dog gets too rough during play time, simply stopping and ignoring the dog will teach him or her that when being too rough, all play stops.
  • If the dog is jumping up at you, the best thing you can do is simply ignore the dog. Talking or holding him/her down is actually reinforcing the behavior because you are providing attention. Instead, wait for all feet on the floor and then give attention. Stop attention if feet are on you.
  • When the dog is barking at you to get you to pet, feed or get your attention. You need to ignore him. Yelling can sound to  your dog like you are joining in the talk. Giving him what he wants just reinforces the behavior.