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How To Hold The Lure

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How to hold the lure?

Make sure the treat is small. It needs to be something the dog is interested in. Put it on your pointer and middle finger and cover with your thumb. This way the dog can smell it and follow it but can’t get it.

Holding a lure or treat properly during training:

While one doesn’t want their dog to solely rely on getting a food reward to get them to do what they want, using a lure can be a useful tool. In high stress or energy situations, it can be hard to get your dog’s attention and having a  lure can help.

Make sure that whatever you’re using is interesting or tasty enough to get your dogs attention. Your dog should not be able to take the lure away from you unless you allow it.

Lures and food treats can then be replaced with other forms of rewards such as attention, once the dog knows the correct behavior.