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Dogs And Puppies Can Sniff Out Cancer

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Benefit of owning a dog, they can sniff our cancer.

Research has found that your dog can be trained to sniff out breast and lung cancer just from your breath!! In another study, dogs were able to identify urine from a patient with prostate cancer with 91% accuracy. Cancer is only one of the few diseases that dogs have been trained to sniff out.

How do dogs sniff out cancers?

Article: Diagnostic Accuracy of Canine Scent Detection in Early and Late Stage Lung and Breast Cancers
Lung and breast cancers at leading causes of cancer death. There are biometric markers called volatile organic compounds that are on the breath of a patient with cancer. This study trained 5 ORDINARY HOUSEHOLD dogs (with POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT I would like to add) to distinguish the scents from 55 lung and 31 breast cancer patients from 81 healthy controls. They found that they were able to train these normal dogs to correctly identify scents from the different patients!

Article: Olfactory Detection of Prostate Cancer by Dogs Sniffing Urine: A Step Forward in Early Diagnosis
A Belgian Malinois shepherd (your common police and military dog) was trained with clicker training (still positive!!) to recognize urine from patients who had prostate cancer. This amazing dog was then able to correctly identify the cancer samples 30 out of 33 times! That is a 91% accuracy!