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Dogs And Puppies Keep You Moving

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A benefit of owning a dog; they keep you moving!

One study has shown that dog owners are 34% more likely to get their 150 minutes of exercise per week than non-dog owners. National Institute of Health found that dog owners had significantly lower rates of obesity and remained active into old age.

Will I get more exercise as a dog owner?

Exercise is so important to maintain our health and this article states that a survey of 5253 adults (controlled for age, sex, and socioeconomically status) found that people were 54% more likely to get enough exercise if they had a dog or puppy! This study also states that dogs offer a support system for someone who is trying to lose weight! Not only do you have to get moving for your own health but you do it for your dog too!

Another study surveyed 5902 people of those, 41% (2,419) owned dogs and of that 61 % (1,476) walked their dog or puppy for at least 10 minutes. The study concluded that a large proportion of dog owners do not walk their dogs however by promoting dog walking, this could help increase the Leisure-Time Physical Activity!

Dogs get you outside and help you enjoy outdoor activities. You can take your new dog hiking or camping. It is a lot more fun with a dog with you.