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Dogs And Puppies Make You Healthier

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Benefit of owning dogs is that they can make you be healthier

Dog owners are just healthier than non-dog owners. Smokers reported that they quit when they learned that smoke was harmful to their dog. Dog’s keen sense of smell can detect allergens in food, even the tiniest trace of the allergen. Dogs also boost your immune system and help you recover from illness twice as quickly as you would on your own.

How can dogs affect smoking behavior?

A survey was used to evaluate 3,293 adult pet owners. Smokers reported that information on the dangers of smoking around their dogs or puppies (or cats) would motivate them to them to change their lifestyles.

• 28.4% of smokers said they would try to quit
• 14.2% of smokers said they would not smoke around their dogs
• 16.4% of nonsmokers who lived with a smoker would ask that person to quit
• 24.2% of nonsmokers who lived with a smoker would ask that person to smoke outside
• 40% of the smokers and 24% of the non-smokers asked for more information about quitting and the dangers of second-hand smoke to their dogs.

Can dogs help your allergies?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology about 50 million people in the United States have nasal allergies. Many allergies can cause death from anaphylaxis (serious life threatening allergic reaction). We already know how good dogs are at sniffing, in fact, dogs have more than 220 MILLION olfactory receptors in their nose compared to our 5 million. Dogs can use those receptors to detect an allergen (even the smallest trace) in food and our environment.

Can having contact with dogs help you fight infections?

Article: Effect of petting a dog on immune system functions
55 college students were asked to either pet a live dog, pet a stuffed dog, or just sit on a couch. Saliva samples were taken from the students before and after. Scientists found that the secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) (which plays an important role in mucosal immunity, it fights infections) was significantly increased in the group of students petting a live dog!