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When Should You Give Feedback On Dog’s Behavior

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When Should You Give Feedback On Dog’s Behavior?

Your dog needs immediate feedback on his behavior. Take the example of barking at the door. In your dog’s head BARK BARK BARK -> bark bark -> more bark bark -> owner yells -> oh, the owner is “barking” so there must be something to bark at -> BARK BARK BARK. He thinks he is communicating with you. It is your job to give constructive feedback at the moment and to redirect his behavior.

How does feedback affect dog behavior?

Dogs can follow about one step of causality. Meaning that when I do this and then this happens immediately after. Some breeds can understand more, but typically a dog will only follow about two behaviors at a time. Anything that happened before is no longer associated with the reward or punishment at the given moment.

You need to address your dog’s unwanted behavior immediately, don’t allow your dog to continue the behavior for any amount of time. Redirector gives incompatible commands to stop the behavior. Reward the wanted behavior immediately, don’t allow time to pass by sine the reward will no longer be associated with the past behavior.