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Dogs And Puppies Make Children Healthier

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Benefit of owning a dog is that they make children healthier

Research shows children who grew up with pets are 31% healthier and have fewer allergies than those who lived pet free. This research suggests that when animals are allowed to bring in more dirt and microbes from outdoors, it helps strengthen baby’s’ immune systems faster. Dogs also improve children’s self-esteem!

How do dogs improve a child’s health?

Article: Early Exposure to Dogs and Farm Animals and the Risk of Childhood Asthma

In this study, researchers found that exposure to dogs and farm animals during the first year of life reduced the risk of asthma.

Article: Pet Dogs and Children’s Health: Opportunities for Chronic Disease Prevention

This study found that having a pet dog was associated with having a decreased chance of childhood anxiety!

Dr. Tolly Epstein and colleagues from the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical center found that children who ARE allergic to dogs were a lot less likely to develop eczema if they owned a dog. Seems counterintuitive, but that is what they found.

Dr. Kallahalli Umesh, Waltham Scientific Communication Manager, Mars India, did research on children and dogs. He found that absenteeism because of illness was significantly less in dog owners. Dog owning children attended school for an additional three weeks of school compared to non-dog owning children. I am trying to find the published article.

All of these studies show that dogs improve a child’s immune system. which means less missed school days and a happier healthier child.