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Dogs And Puppies Need A Job

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Do dogs need a job?

Boredom and extra energy are the driving forces behind the most unwanted behavior. Dogs need things to do while you are away and when you are around. Only a small amount of dogs enjoy being couch potatoes! You can get them puzzle toys, have them play games with you, and you should have them work for their food. If you are not able to provide enough exercises, you can hire someone else, or participate in mental stimulation like training.

Is my dog bored?

Almost all of the annoying doggy behaviors are due to boredom. Dogs and puppies chew, dig up your yard, tear things up, bark and tear things up because they are bored. Dogs need stimulation!

If leaving your dog for extended periods of time, here are some ways to keep them entertained while you’re gone:

  1. Turn on the nature channel.
  2. Provide your dog with the view of outdoors.
  3. Fill hollow toys with treats.
  4. Hide food and treats around the house for a scavenger hunt.
  5. Give your dog a puzzle.
  6. Employ a dog walker
  7. Give dental chews
  8. Introduce new toys

Is walking enough of a stimulation?

Some dogs need a lot of mental stimulation during the day to help them stay out of trouble. Some breeds even more than others. A simple walk around the neighborhood might not be enough for them. Allow them to sniff a lot during the walks, or to go explore bushes and fences. Also, switch up where you walking them to help stimulate them mentally.