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Choosing A Dog With Same Energy Level As You

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Choosing a dog with the same energy level as you. 

It takes a lot of energy to raise and have a dog! Consider getting a breed with the same energy level as you. Some require a lot more outings and playtime while others love being a lazy couch potato.

How much of your energy will your new dog or puppy  need?

Raising your puppy or training your dog will take a lot of energy from you. There will be times when you will think that you have a wild animal in your house from how much energy a puppy can have! It is necessary to take your dogs on walks and play with them on a regular basis.  When these needs are not met, dogs can begin to exhibit destructive behavior, such as chewing up things, digging and even escaping their yard.

How to determine whether your new dog is high or low energy?

The younger the dog, the more energy you will be spending on them. Not only do they have more energy they need to expel, they also need training and house breaking that will take up your energy as well. It took my two Lhasa Apsos 9 years to settle down! They still have moments when they want to run around and play fetch. There are breeds who need a lot of exercise and playtime, while other breeds are happy cuddling up on the sofa with you. Consider fostering the dog before adopting, to make sure they are good fit with you! Always do research on the breed of your new family member and ask shelter workers and/or breeders questions to make sure that both you and your dog’s needs will be met.