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What To Expect With Puppy’s First Vet Visit

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Patrick Miles, DVM is owner and veterinarian at Priceless Pet Clinic in Normandy Park WA. He has worked in emergency medicine since graduating veterinary school and spent seven years at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services.

What to expect from your puppy’s first vet visit?

Typically, when you have adopted a pet, it is usually going to be between six to twelve weeks of age. When they are coming in for their first examination, the things that we are looking for and going to be discussing are their vaccination series, the deworming that we are going to need to perform, to make sure that they are clear of internal parasites which are very common, to discuss their potential lifestyle. Whether they are going to be very active in the outdoors, whether they are going just to be a home body, whether they are just going to be a little lap dog.

At that time, as well we certainly will discuss nutritional aspects, things to look for in diets that coincide with a pet owner’s wishes and feelings with regards to diet, as well and discuss the pros and cons of different options that are out there.

Occasionally, we would discuss the potential need for any long term monthly preventive medications again that would certainly depend on the pet’s lifestyle and planned lifestyle.

And in general, just to get a proper examination on either puppy or kitten to make sure that there are any abnormalities that they might have been born with or need to be addressed with that first examination.