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What To Expect With Senior Dog’s Vet Visits

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Patrick Miles, DVM is owner and veterinarian at Priceless Pet Clinic in Normandy Park WA. He has worked in emergency medicine since graduating veterinary school and spent seven years at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services.

What to expect with older dog’s veterinary care?

There are a lot of pet owners that are out there that are really looking to adopt an older pet from either a shelter and one of the challenges that we run into, and owners run into, is really not knowing what health problems that their pet may or may not come in with.

What kind of veterinary care do older dogs need?

For instance, older patients that, say a dog that is six to seven years of age is starting to enter into the middle ages where they may be having emerging age-related dysfunction. For instance, chronic kidney problems may be some chronic liver issues or may just simply haven’t had the adequate nutrition and preventative care throughout their life. So, that’s a critical time to have them evaluated and get checked out, to determine what steps we may need to take to address some of those issues.

Should you avoid adopting an older dog because of health issues?

Adopting an older pet doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be adopting a pet with problems. What it does mean is that there are some responsibilities and things that we need to address and that’s one of the reasons why we would like to get them in to be evaluated as soon as we can. So that we can address those problems if necessary.

In general often times those pets are really just needing to have a good quality home with good nutrition with someone who really is caring for them.