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What To Expect During A Visit To The Vet

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Patrick Miles, DVM is owner and veterinarian at Priceless Pet Clinic in Normandy Park WA. He has worked in emergency medicine since graduating veterinary school and spent seven years at Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services.

What to expect during a visit to the veterinarian?

A lot of clients have questions about what things need or may need to be done at the different life stages that your puppy or kitten may come in with. In general, that really will vary from pet to pet and certainly based on their track history and whether they have had problems in the past or not.

There certainly are certain breed predispositions that we are going to be looking for and watching out for but in general as a young pet just like with people, very rarely are they going to come across problems. Most of those problems may be related to dietary problems, they may be related to skin problems. But as pets age just like with you and I, certain problems certainly may arise that need to be addressed or monitored or be aware of. So often times when dogs are reaching their mid five, six, seven years of age depending on the breed, we may recommend doing senior profile screening which may check a blood panel, a urine sample and a thyroid level for instance. So, that really will depend on the age, the breed, and whether they have had prior medical problems in the past or not.

Questions you should ask your vet on the first visit:

  1. Is My Pet at a Healthy Weight?
  2. Could I be providing a more appropriate food?
  3. Is That [Insert Odd Behavior Here] Normal?
  4. Is My Pet Up to Date on Shots?
  5. Does My Pet Need a Dental Cleaning?
  6. Does My Pet Need a Blood Test?
  7. What Flea/Tick Meds Do You Recommend for My Pet?
  8. What are these Lumps and Bumps?
  9. Does My Pet Need a Rectal Exam?
  10. Can You Please Explain my Bill?