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How To Give A Dog Or Puppy Pills: Down the Throat

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How to give dog medications down the throat?

Make sure your dog is comfy and relaxed. Hold the pill in one hand. With your other hand, gently hold the muzzle with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. Gently squeeze until the mouth is open. Tilt the head back and drop the pill into the back of the throat. Close the mouth and keep holding it closed. Rub the throat to encourage swallowing. Praise and reward your dog after.

How do I put medicine down my dog’s throat?

While some dogs will eat medicine right from your hand or their food bowl others are masters at avoiding the pills at all costs. Before trying to give the pill by putting it into the back of the mouth, try some other methods that are not as invasive for your dog.

Giving a pill by putting it into the dog’s mouth can be a hard experience for you and your dog. Make sure to reward and praise him during and after the ordeal. IF he spits the pill out, you might have to try again. Try to keep your voice and yourself calm and relaxed. You want to try to make this as good of an experience as possible!