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What Does A Happy Dog Look Like According To Kids

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How does a happy dog look like?

A happy dog will have a happy face and it has ears perked up and a wagging tail. If the tail is fast and relaxed, then it is happy. A happy dog has a tongue out and is jumping around. Give a happy dog lots of love.

The importance of teaching your child dog body language:

You want your children to be safe around dogs and learning dog body language is an important step. Teaching your child to recognize what a happy dog looks like can help them know which dogs are approachable and which ones to avoid. Watch other WDMD videos on teaching children what an aggressive or angry dog looks like. Point out dogs on walks and watch videos with your child about dog behavior. Always supervise your child when interacting with dogs.

Relaxed Body Language

  • Mouth slightly open, tongue relaxed and lolling to one side.
  • Play bow – this signal invites play and tells others that whatever action comes next is still just play.
  • Turning over, inviting belly rub – showing trust and enjoying social contact.
  • Relaxed facial expression.
  • Squinty or blinking eyes.
  • Tail wagging fast, either side to side or in a round motion like a helicopter.
  • Wiggling back side.