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Help A Dog To Like The Vacuum

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How to teach your dog to not be afraid of the vacuum?

You can help your dog to see that the vacuum is not a threat by following these steps. It is important to not push your dog too much.

  • Let them run and hide if he needs to.
  • First, introduce the vacuum to your pup by giving treats around the vacuum.
  • You can feed your dog by the vacuum
  • You can leave treats around the vacuum.
  • When your dog is ready, start moving the vacuum and still keep feeding food or treats.
  • Then the scary part! Turn the vacuum on – do not move it. Feed treats and food.
  • When the puppy is ready, start moving the vacuum. Still give treats.
  • Eventually, ask your dog to go lay down while you vacuum.

Remember, to take time with this! You can use these steps with a broom or anything else your puppy might be afraid of.

When acclimating your dog to fearful stimuli:

  • Don’t push your dog past his comfort zone, it may increase your dog’s fear
  • Remember that some dog’s need more time than others, be patient
  • Don’t physically move your dog to the scary stimuli, use treats to lure him near it.
  • Spontaneous recovery can occur, you may need to go back to an earlier stage when your dog was comfortable with the scary stimuli.