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Hot Spots In Dogs And Puppies

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Hot spots on dogs

Hot spots are the result of constant licking and chewing prompted by a skin irritation, stress or boredom. You should visit a vet when you are able to. Most hot spots need medication. Discuss with your vet prevention options for your dog.

Does my dog have hot spots?

If your dog has red, moist, hot and irritated areas on his body then he may have hot spots. They are usually found near your dogs head, hip or chest area.

What causes hot spots in dogs?

Some common causes are:
Allergic Reaction
Insect/Mite/Flea bites
Poor Grooming
Skin Infections

Hot spots are common in dogs with thick coats, dirty and/or moist skin, flea bites and allergies. You need to see a vet when you see a hot spot on your dog. The bacteria from that one spot can spread really quickly into a huge infection.

How to treat hot spots?

You need to remove the hair around and on the hot spot site. Clean the area and then apply medication. You will need to buy a cone or another preventative to keep your dog from scratching and licking the infected area. For complete care please visit Healthy Pets.

Your vet can help you with preventative care. You might need to change the dog’s food if the hot spots become a chronic condition. A vet will be able to help you with topical medication and at home remedies.