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How To Cut Dog’s White Nails

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How to cut dog’s nails when they are white or see through?

1. Remember to be patient with your dog.
8. You might not be able to do all nails in one sitting. Take your time. Praise your dog and give him treats.
9. Hold the paw in your hand and spread the toes out.
10. Cut holding the clippers at a slight angle and horizontally to the floor.
11. Cut a little at a time.
12. You can see where the pink starts, that is a nerve and you don’t want to cut into it

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Cutting your dog’s white nails:

Before cutting your dog’s nails, make sure to really know the anatomy of the nail and how to do it properly.

You really need to be very patient with your dog. Ask for someone to help you hold your dog if they are wiggling around too much.

If your dog really does not want his/her nails done, I recommend you going to a vet, groomer or having a professional come to your house to help you. You don’t want to make the nail cutting experience a traumatic one for you and your dog.

To help your dog overcome their fear of nail cutting see our video here.

If you cut the nails too short, see our video here.