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How To Give A Dog Ear Medication

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How to give a dog ear medications?

Before beginning, make sure your dog is comfortable and relaxed. Flip the ear over. You might need to hold his head at the same time. With your free hand administer the medication into the ear. Flip the ear back and massage it to get meds into the ear canal. Your dog will shake his head when you are done, so step back. Make sure to praise and reward your dog. Ask your vet how many meds you need to give.

ALWAYS seek medical attention for your dog if you suspect an ear infection. Your vet will be able to diagnose the problem and provide appropriate medication and preventative measures for you to follow.

How do you give a dog ear medication?

Follow the steps outlined in the video above to administer medication to the ear. If your dog is not standing still, like King in the video, you might have to have someone at the vet clinic help you. You can restrain your dog if that does not add to him being more stressed out.

Remember, as in all situations that stress your dog out, you should also be working on Habituation with him. Habituation helps your dog get used to having someone “mess” with his ears. See our video on the steps of Habituation (Video) just apply the steps to the ear. Example: touch the ear, rub the ear, hold the ear, flip the ear, show medication, etc.

ALWAYS praise your dog after giving him ear medication. You want it to be a good experience for him.